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With Alaska's 365,000,000 acres, we have much to offer in the way of wildlife viewing and scenery, such as the largest Eagle population in the world, the largest totem pole collections, pods of whales that make the ocean seem to boil at times, and wilderness area 2 times the size of the state of Texas, all of which provide for some excellent photo opportunities and exploration.

Welcome to Archives! You are about to view what our great state is all about. Wildlife, wilderness, totems, icebergs and glaciers, the Northern Lights, and Alaska's unique modes of transportation. Although a trip to Alaska is the best way to experience the scenic beauty of this wonderful state, with so much ground to cover you would be hard pressed to behold even a quarter of the splendor that is out there. That is why we created the Archives.

From here you can view animals unique only to Southeast Alaska and, with the click of a button, you travel to the interior of Alaska to explore mountain ranges and wildlife, with another click, you are transported to secluded meadows or glacier ice fields. With over 200 brilliant photographs of "Everything Alaska", the significance of "a picture is worth a thousand words" is redefined.

Once again, welcome to Alaska and enjoy your visit!


General: A collection of photos from various areas of Alaska. The pictures in the category are of man-made objects ranging from "Artwork" to "Trains", and 3 sections on Aircraft, Totem Poles and Watercraft.

Wilderness: streams, mountain ranges, sunsets, etc. and also two special sections on the Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis and Glaciers / Icebergs.

Wildlife photos of Alaska. Though these are wild animals, we have been known to share our lunch with some of these critters, maybe not by choice, but shared just the same. Keep an eye on them or they'll get yours too. We also have 3 sections here dedicated to Eagles, Orca and Grizzly.

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